Shine Like A Diamond

It's Time To Shine

Time To Shine Like A Diamond

Many years ago, I experienced what seemed to be a very tragic event that altered my life in a dramatic way. It effected how I lived, my finances, my personal identity. I was faced with ‘what do I do next’? I had never faced me. I studied many things that took me in many directions. Nothing substantial ever happened.

I was lost.

A friend suggested that I take the homeopathic remedy DIAMOND. She said it would bring out what is ready to shine. I took the remedy with no expectations.

The remedy changed my life.

I became a Healer. I started not at the bottom performing healer’s work, I started at the top. I have been a Healer for 22 years. I am a public speaker, I have invented several important healing tools, I have just created Althea Gray’s Institute for Professional Healers. In addition to all of this, I began my journey as a diplomat. I have proudly served Sri Lanka as their Honorary Consul for 20 years. The Pandemic for many has served as zero point. Many of you feel like what was important is no longer. Many of you are standing in the same doorway I stood in many years ago. I am happy to offer you the same tool that helped me make my first step.

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Althea Gray
Althea Gray

Althea Gray comes from a lineage of Healers from Nicaragua.

She studied with spiritual teachers around the world since the age of 17. This has made her approach to ‘healing’ deep and compassionate.

Althea’s desire is to stretch people’s understanding of the benefits and uses of ‘subtle healing’.

She places traditional healing systems and ancient knowledge into a modern context so that ‘healers’ can better interface with a client’s therapies.

She gives ‘healers’ and clients an understandable language to describe what they are doing and why.

Healers hold a unique and important place in the world of wellness and human evolution.

Healer's goals are to: Heal, Educate, and Uplift.

Althea founded Althea Gray’s International Institute for Professional Healers to help ‘healers’ cross that threshold into a ‘professional’ world.

The Institute also holds a place for clients to learn more about the ‘healers’ world and what they can do for their own selfcare.

Althea’s other accomplishments include:

  • International Lecturer
  • Founder of Professional Clearer ®
  • Founder of the Gold Kit A non-medical ‘light’ therapy
  • Certified Feng Shui Consultant
  • Retreats with a Purpose
  • Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka

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